China Just Pulled a Trump Card on Trump, How Bad is It?

Anyone who knows anything about our current political ties to China knows that we are not yet in the stages of a trade war YET, but it very much feels to many people like that is the direction things have been going lately, with pressure from both sides building and building. But China just pulled a major move that is pretty much a sucker punch that will most likely blindside “the Donald”. Which, in turn, could have horrible results for the people under his rule right now (a.k.a US!).

So what exactly did China just do to checkmate Trump about their trade disagreements?

It’s funny because it takes a LOT to get a reaction from the Chinese (in a sense of how someone like Trump would react to something) but this man pushes so many buttons even China is letting him know he needs a bitch-slap. Unfortunately, this is a slap we are ALL going to feel.

Via Washington Post:

China, normally known for “measured” responses in its trade dealings, fired back Wednesday with a gut punch to Trump, saying it intends to put 25 percent tariffs on the top goods the United States exports to China: airplanes, soybeans and cars. The United States’ tariff list was full of a lot of products, mostly parts of machines, that are traded on a smaller scale. But China is taking aim at key U.S. industries, and two of them — soybeans and cars — are concentrated in states Trump won.

So in essence, China just said we are upping the taxes for all your most essential stuff you get from us and said, without saying it, Hahaha, what are you going to do now? And they are right, too. Our country’s financial deficit is in the trillions, and this will push it so far past that the potential long-term ramifications could be huge.

YUGE even!

When all is said and done, it was a huge move in what has been an immovable struggle thus far, and from what it looks like and from what we know about Donald Trump, by this time tomorrow I am sure he will have retaliated in the most foolish and childish way possible towards China (probably by saying something incredibly racist and ignorant towards them all on social media, goading them) and we will probably wake up to World War 3, so enjoy your night.

I mean, he has already called all of China both “foolish” and incompetent” on his vile Twitter account, so you know what comes next is probably gonna be some straight up racial slander, because he has nowhere else left to go, no lower left to sink, logically speaking.

Better binge watch that one show you’ve been holding off on. Might be your last chance. The shit just hit the fan, and things are about to get really ugly. Forget a trade war, this could end up being the real thing depending on how Trump reacts to this news tonight.

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