Watching Ice Break Over A Waterfall is Entrancing

Sometimes,  when the world feels like it is going crazy and it can be easy to feel like you are going crazy with it. Sometimes you just need to see something grandiose and beautiful to remind you that we are all going to be okay and there is still peace and beauty to be found in this world. In this case, we get to witness the grandeur of an ice waterfall, and something about seeing the chunks of ice just break away into the power of the waterfall kind of zens you out for a bit and makes you forget this mess of a world we are in right now.

Please note, ONE human being (outside of the guy or girl filming) are stopping their life for a moment to witness and bask in the glory of the ice waterfall. One human out of HOW many?

Regardless, this guy gets it:

So if nothing else, in two days when I write up another inevitable mass shooting, just come look at the ice waterfall and remind yourself, this planet hasn’t gone FULLY to hell yet.

It’s only about three-fourths the way there yet.


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Remy Carreiro


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