42%: Why Does Donald Trump Have His Highest Approval Rating Yet?

An approval rating for a president is, at its core, the last aspect of a failing democracy that actually works because it is a RARE example of us, as voters and members, actually being heard. Think of approval ratings as “report cards” the overall masses give to the person who is running the country at that time.

So when it seems like there are so many mass shootings and issues NOT being fixed or addressed with little more than a string of free association tweets that make him seem insane and petty, how is it that our president has the HIGHEST APPROVAL RATING he has had in his entire run so far, excluding the approval ratings during his very first week as our country’s Commander-in-Chief?

The answer is both complex and quite simple:

It’s not surprising that after little more than a year in office many people who voted for a president still support him. But it’s also surprising that a president who has been the object of more negative reporting than any in our history still enjoys something like the same middling base of support he had before taking office.

In much simpler terms that are easier to understand, the people who voted him into power still very much support him and seem to have no problem with the little-to-NO progress has made as a president, nor has allowed us to make as a country.

Shame on us. In some ironic way it feels like we DESERVE this.


Even Dogs Hate Donald Trumplestiltskin

Remy Carreiro


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