Dogs Who Can’t Stand Donald Trump

dogs cant stand donald trump

As the first American president to not have a dog in nearly 130 years, you have to wonder what kind of person Trump is to not like dogs and choose not to adopt a furry friend. Even President William McKinley, who was the last president to not own a dog while in office from 1897 to 1901, had some cats, chickens, and even a parrot running around the White House. Having one or several animal companions lounging around the Oval Office seems to be a popular method our presidents use to appear more trustworthy to the public, but for some reason Trump feels he doesn’t need a boost to his approval ratings as he’s the most well-liked president of all time, right?

There were rumors that Trump was looking to adopt a Goldendoodle named Patton when he first entered office over a year ago. According to these rumors, the dog was being fostered by a friend of the president’s and she decided to keep Patton after apparently falling in love with his charm. At least that’s what the media was reporting. Likely she decided that Patton deserved more than a lonely existence in a big house where he’d receive little to no attention from an owner who is hardly fond of him and animals in general.

The feeling is mutual though, as dogs seem to despise the president as well. Here are just a few adorable dogs who can’t stand Donald Trump.

Mishka The Talking Husky Says No To Trump

Mishka was an adorable husky with the incredible ability to speak her mind. You might recognize her as she gained internet fame by telling her owner “I love you” on video, warming the hearts of millions all over the world. Unfortunately, Mishka passed away from cancer in April of 2017 but not before she let the world know just how she feels about Trump. When her owner asks her if she likes Donald Trump, she howls her response, “No, I’m going to vote no.” She ends her incredible rant by declaring that she should be president, and her fans couldn’t have agreed more!

Golden Retriever Can’t Stand Trump’s Speech

While most of us can simply change the channel or turn our televisions off when Trump makes an appearance, this hilarious golden retriever apparently hasn’t mastered using the remote control just yet. This video shows the dog growling and barking at the television while the president’s face is frozen on the screen in the background, seemingly on pause. This video rules out the option that it’s Trump’s voice these dogs can’t stand, and that his hatred for all things cute and fluffy can be detected by their doggy senses even when he’s nothing more than an image.

Dog Is Upset When She Learns Trump Is Candidate

This political dog is quite upset when she learns that President Obama will be leaving office. According to her mom, she wasn’t a huge fan of Barack Obama’s but as you can see from the video, she dislikes Trump much more. Upon learning that Trump might be taking Obama’s place in the White House, this dog appears to have a complete meltdown, running around barking and howling at the news. We feel you lady!

French Bulldog Confused By Trump’s Candidacy

This french bulldog’s owner has caught their dog throwing shade at Trump while watching some kind of remix version of his debate with Hilary Clinton. Like many of us, this adorable pup is just as confused by the nonsense spewing out of the hole in Trump’s face, tilting his head at the television the second he opens his mouth. Each time the president’s face appears on screen, the dog demonstrates his disapproval with growls and tiny barks. If only he had been a little bit bigger, perhaps he would have been able to scare Trump away from the election.

Chihuahua Fears Trump Will Deport Him To Mexico

Taco Bell made chihuahuas the face of Mexican food, and now that Trump is president they fear they’ll be faced with deportation. In this video, the chihuahua’s owner asks their dog several times if he supports Trump, to which he responds with excessive barking and tail wagging. The dog owner seems to think that this means his furry friend supports Trump, but it’s likely more a display of support in fear deportation.

Dog Makes Trump Her Chew Toy

Likely this poodle’s hatred toward Donald Trump was encouraged by her owner, but this video of her enjoying her new chew toy was just too adorable not to include. If you’ve ever wanted to watch a dog tear Trump’s hair out, well then you’ll certainly enjoy this one. She seems to recognize the toy as Donald and follows her owner’s commands to get her Donald dolly and pull his fake hair out. Which she does in a hilarious fashion, as her puff-ball hairdo bounces around with each tug.

Shih Tzu Doesn’t Like Her Trump Toy

The poodle in the last video may have enjoyed tearing into her Trump doll, but this Shih Tzu isn’t having any of it. Understandably, the toy’s face is pretty creepy, but this poor dog is beyond enraged that his owner would even consider bringing that thing near him while he’s busy lounging in his dog bed. He growls furiously to let everyone know he can’t stand Trump’s ugly face and even goes as far as baring his teeth. His owner doesn’t seem to get the hint even after the Shih Tzu snaps at the toy several times. It’s likely that chew toy didn’t make it past that day without being torn to pieces.

Dog Refuses Steak From Donald Trump

After watching the presidential debate between Trump and Hillary, this golden retriever whose name may or may not be Norie made her decision pretty clear. Her owner offered her an enormous T-bone steak, telling her it was from Donald Trump. She refused the steak over and over. Then her owners offered her broccoli from Hillary Clinton, which she gladly accepted! This dog is either an incredibly picky eater, or well trained enough to deny a steak under certain circumstances. Either way, it makes for hilarious video evidence that dogs truly can’t stand Donald Trump.


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