Trump’s Rants Proven to Actually and Literally Be Harmful to “Dreamers”

Well, he did it again. A man who loves to stoke the flames has chosen to piss gasoline over the fire this time, and what we have come to find out in its wake is his words, even if they are just words, they do actual damage to idealists and dreamers. In this case, he spoke ill of Mexico (color NO ONE surprised by that ) and he also ranted insanely about NAFTA among many other things and agencies.

But what is interesting is the younger demographic, the so-called “dreamers” who are often the ones who observe a generation and then move on to advance past them is seemingly stuck in a perpetual and figurative sinkhole. A kind of political-press-pause they cannot see their way out of.

In other words, we are at a place in society and politically speaking where the future generations and the dreamers are having those very aspirations and that drive killed away slowly every time this man opens his stupid face hole:

But at his best, his comments also inaccurately conflated details about illegal immigration, thus needlessly burning away even the smallest levels of trust essential for legislative solutions.

Again, in layman’s terms that means even though it has been proven statistically that a MAJORITY of the U.S does not want a border wall built, Trump doesn’t care what you think, he doesn’t care about facts or support, and he will do what HE wants when HE wants when HE thinks it is best.

What this does for millennials and dreamers and idealists is it leads them to believe there is no hope, no balance, so what’s the point of dreaming or aspiring for a better future when the guy running the show right now could not give less f*cks about what the actual country thinks or feels?

Yes, that is EXACTLY the kind of thing that kills dreamers and their dreams. Something Trump seems to be exceedingly gifted at doing.


Trump Wins “Irony of the Year” Award

Remy Carreiro


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