Footage Showing All News Cast Propaganda is Pre-Written, Simultaneously

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Personally, this is the kind of thing that shows you just how controlled and manipulated we are by the “media” right now and hopefully acts as a big wake up call to many of you that the news we are getting is not only sometimes false and written from a biased perspective, but also shows you what happens when one media company owns dozens and dozens of news outlets and channels across a myriad of networks, states, and stations.

The name of the media outlet behind this shocking video is called Sinclair, and it is easy to see how important it can actually be to get your news from reliable and consistent sources that have no leanings other than to tell you the facts without manipulating and programming its viewers or readers into submissive sheep who all BAH on cue like these robotic, faux-humans we see here, regurgitating the same bile as every other news reporter working under Sinclair media, though this problem is FAR more widespread than just Sinclair:

The saddest reality is, that video is but one example of this. THIS is how news is given to Americans now, across the board. Scripted and set to cause a guttural reaction in you that keeps you watching. It is cyclical and it is unhealthy. A form off legal addiction to something that is NOT good for you.

Funny how when I started writing many years ago, being a journalist was something to be proud of. A kind of badge of honor. And sadly, now it is more of a dirty word or a sort of slur or insult. A LOT can change in life in five years, take that from me.

Also, take one other thing from me and this video, please:

Shut off the news, people. It is toxic.

Find sources (like us) who will at least bring some originality and our OWN voice to each story and not cut-and-paste ourselves like some mindless android doing its best impression of how it thinks a human should act (like what we see here). There’s still time to break free from this Matrix and wake up. And at the end of the day, only you can do that for yourself.

I can simply strip away some of the mirage and show you scary stuff like this, in hopes that helps you wake up.


The Best of the Worst of the Best of the Worst of Trump’s Blatantly Fake News

Remy Carreiro


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