The Cruelest of All Ironies: Trump Declares April “Sexual Assault Awareness Month”

Now this is a perfect note to end the week on. A story so ridiculous and filled with hypocrisy the only thing you can do is laugh. Donald Trump, who is literally in the middle of 263 or so (may have made that number up) sexual assault allegations himself has just stepped up and tried to distract everybody from that very fact by making the month of April into “Sexual Assault Awareness Month.”

Dude, we don’t need a whole month for that. We KNOW you sexually assaulted those women! Grabbed them by the p*ssy was your wording, right?

Oh, oh, he means for the whole world to take note and try to educate themselves about sexual assault during the month of April!

I get it now. Thing is, I am now going to stand behind my original stance on the subject.

This is a man who hates women and looks at them as nothing more than pieces of meat for men to put themselves inside, so for THIS wanna-be, alpha-male, bag of mumbling mucus chose to make April “sexual assault awareness month” to take the focus off of his own gross sexual misdeeds so we can pay more attention to the CONCEPT act itself is equal parts sad, funny, and disgusting, if such a merging is possible.

It also shows you how he fully and finally broke Robert Downey Jr’s rule from Tropic Thunder:

Dude just went full….well, I’m not gonna say the word but you get the overall message I’m sending.


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Remy Carreiro


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