Astronauts Do Lengthy Space Walk and Repairs IN OUTER SPACE!

Sorry I got so excited and yelled the last part of the title to this article, but seeing videos like this really shows you how stunning (and shockingly terrifying) it must be to be an astronaut and be able to actually walk around in outer space. I mean, watching any spacewalk in general is mesmerizing, but even more so when, at the end of it, they repair some things on their shuttle. And I’m over here, taking my own car to Jiffy lube to change my oil. Very humbling by comparison, I will admit that.

Also, it should officially be put on record that astronauts have the biggest balls of any human being alive. I know people who will not leave their house, and these guys (and gals) are floating in outer space fixing space ships while defying the normal laws of gravity:

And to think, I washed some dishes today and considered it a pretty amazing accomplishment. Safe to say compared to these people, my own high water mark seems pretty damn low.


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Remy Carreiro


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