Rumors Swirl That Donald Trump May Actually Be “The White House Leaker”

So who is the “White House leaker”? While that may sound like someone peeing around various locations in the white house, that is not the case. The “White House leaker” is an unknown person (on the inside) right now who is leaking vital and private information about the goings on (and misdoings) at the White House under current administration. Many fingers have been pointed in many directions at many people, but it seems we may have been looking in the wrong direction.

In a recent revelatory piece, some now truly believe that Trump is the “White House leaker” and when presented with the reason why, it clicks:

The president could have authorized the leak or be the leaker, a strategy Mr. Trump is known to have used as a private citizen.

When you stop to think about it, it makes a great deal of sense if you know Trump. He wanted to take the lead and be the alpha but is slowly becoming aware of how hated he is and how terrible and under qualified for this job he is, so he blew the whistle on himself as a desperate attempt to have this terrible job taken away from him so he can go back to being overly self-important and worry-free.

That’s screams Donald Trump, honestly.

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Remy Carreiro


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