Have You Ever Seen a Dyslexic Shower?

One would assume that there would be no such thing as a dyslexic shower, as that term makes no sense. But let me explain why there are, indeed, dyslexic showers. A shower’s only job is to rain water on you from above to cleanse you. A dyslexic shower does the opposite. It shoots water onto the ceiling, figuratively telling you and your unclean form to go to hell.

But the actual BEST part is that the shower in mention here is spraying water DIRECTLY into a light above it, which of course, is attached to a power source. Not sure if you know what happens when electricity meets water but ZAP.

Luckily, this dude was smart enough to just take a video and not actually use it:

Note to self, do not vacation in Xi’an China because showering daily is far too important to me. Also, not being electrocuted is pretty high on my priority list, too.


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Remy Carreiro


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