Why the Fuss Over Crossy Road?

Crossy Road is all the rage and has been for the last four years. This game incorporates the best of your gaming favorites, from adventuresome challenges, to clucky, funny characters, to an endless arcade style that becomes a quick addiction. So, why the fuss? Because this game is awesome and loads of fun to play for hours on end. Even a half-hour of gameplay could boost your mood, improve your gaming skills, and give you a natural feeling of accomplishment that comes from getting that plucky little chicken across traffic-laden highways, log-rife rivers, and train tracks.

You might have heard of Crossy Road before. This game was an original release by Hipster Whale in 2014, becoming a quick hit overnight. And it’s hung on over the last four years, with a spread of dedicated gamers across the world.

Can You Ever Be too Addicted to This Game?

If this game is all you think about and you are neglecting doing your usual everyday routine, then yeah—you might be a little too addicted. But that’s a long shot. This game is the addictive, yes, but it’s one of those addictions that you can use to unwind after a long day of work and/or school. As long as you take care of your usual responsibilities and obligations first, then who’s to say that you’re too addicted to Crossy Road?

This game is a skill builder, so it has a natural educational element that non-gamers commonly overlook. Sure, it seems simple to guide a chicken across a road, but it’s anything but. There are lots of obstacles to consider, and you have to keep a sharp mind and keen senses to make it from one road to another.

What You Can Expect—Controls, Challenges, and Unlocks

Crossy Road is a game of adventurous, dangerous challenges and a simple concept. The controls are super-easy to master, as you only need the arrows and spacebar on your keyboard. You can probably guess, but the UP key moves your chick forward, the down key moves your chicken backwards, and the left and right keys move your chick to the sides. The spacebar is used to start a new game or take a chance on the prize machine—which brings us to…

Unlockable characters! Sure, it can be fun to continuously guide a hoppy chicken across multiple roads, but where’s the variety? Collect coins throughout the landscape, then use those coins to take a spin on the prize machine. Typically, this machine grants you a new, playable character—one with new abilities and a pace all their own. You can switch up your chicken for something faster, indestructible, and more likely to rack up the high score you want.

Challenge-wise, you can expect the usual traffic-laden roads, train tracks, and quick-paced, log-filled rivers. However, you can dodge most of these challenges by keeping your speakers turned up. Every challenge emits a sound to warn your chicken of impending danger. The one unavoidable challenge is the bald eagle. This hungry bird swoops in, with a resounding caw, from out of nowhere, snatching up your character in a heartbeat and ending your game.

How Do You Get a High Score?

Whenever your chicken hops forward, you get another point added to your score. Ergo, you gain a high score by keeping your chicken alive and continuously moving forward. The roads are endless, so Crossy Road is a game of sheer survival. You can create your own objectives though. For instance, if your objective is a high score, strive to hop forward for as long as you can before your chick meets her untimely, unsuspected end.

Where Can You Play Crossy Road for Hours on End via the Interwebs?

The best place to play Crossy Road on the web now is on Poki. This gaming site exclusively released the web version of this awesome game, making it a leader in viral web game innovations. The site is 100-percent safe and secure, so you can play Crossy Road here for hours on end without interruptions. And if you need a brush up on the ins-and-outs of gameplay, Poki offers a descriptive paragraph that details everything you need to know.

Introduce Crossy Road to Your Friends and Compare Your Scores!

As aforementioned, Crossy Road is a game without a clear objective, other than survival of your chick across traffic-laden roads. However, you can create your own objective, and a little healthy competition, by introducing your friends and loved ones to this game. You can play, they can play, and you can all compare your scores. Make a bet out of it. Better yet, if you have siblings, put your chores on the line. Whoever gets the highest score in an hour does the dishes. Or, whoever gets the highest score in 20 minutes has to take the trash out.

The same objective and competitiveness could work for couples. Can’t decide where to eat tonight? The person with the highest Crossy Road score in half an hour has to pick the restaurant, but the loser has to foot the bill. Make it fun! Make it your own!


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