Dude-Guy-Man-Bro Does Sick Wheelie and Almost Kills His Friend

Not for nothing, but a lot of guys that ride motorcycles are kinda douchey. Now don’t get me wrong, I know PLENTY who aren’t, but you tend to notice the dumbasses more because, well, they are dumbasses. Take, for example, the man driving (the middle) motorcycle in this video. He figures he will go all alpha on all the others and decides to do a wheelie, seemingly completely forgetting there is someone ON THE BIKE WITH HIM.

Suffice it to say, the wheelie doesn’t end well for them, but it is pretty safe to assume the friendship did after this Darwin award worthy moment.

It’s one thing if you wanna pop a wheelie of your own accord, but to attempt it with someone riding b*tch is really a whack and unnecessarily dangerous move, and in the end, he really looked like a tool, as you are about to see:

So yeah, that is what you get, dude-man-guy-broseph!

Pulling wheelies is already a pretty silly thing for an adult to do, but it is nice to see when fate intervenes and reminds them they are idiots (without killing them in the process).

At the end of the day, safe to say neither of these guys got laid after this race. More like LAID-OUT!

*High fives self for being awesome


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