Cool Video Shows GoPro on Model Train for First-Person View

I don’t know why, but I am a sucker for videos where people attach GoPro cameras to things we normally wouldn’t see fom that viewpoint. Not too long ago we shared the video of the GoPro attached to the sushi conveyor belt and as lame as it sounds, it was very cool to see the random reactions of the customers as they saw a GoPro camera swoosh past them.

In this case, someone attached their GoPro to a very intricate model train track and let us see from a toy-eye’s view what it is like to ride a tiny train through a model village. Again, it may sound not that awesome, but there is something peaceful and mesmerizing about this tiny, toy-train ride.

The coolest part is that it appears as if it is a regular train ride. That is how perfect this person made this track:

Reminds me of that little train that MR. Rogers used to always stop and talk to:

Now I know what all those tiny puppets felt like when they were riding that thing. Man, what will they GoPro next?

My vote, put a GoPro on the head of an unborn baby and…..wait, I am not gonna finish that thought.

*Backs away from computer, slowly


Remy Carreiro


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