WTF is This: Oklahoma Approves Nitrogen Gas For Death Sentences

Eye for an eye, right? I mean, killing someone is apparently PERFECTLY OKAY as long as THAT person killed somebody or did something similarly awful to one or more people. And a death sentence is one thing (not going to give my personal thoughts on that right now), but the fact that a prisoner’s recent execution was essentially botched (wrong amount of poison in I.V, people watched him suffer and struggle for forty five minutes in writhing agony) has set some things in motion.

Since that moment, Oklahoma, after three years without an execution, have decided to start using Nitrogen gas for their death sentences.

Wait, what?

It makes little more sense when you know who is running our country, but regardless, this has set off some alarms for some people. You know, human rights and what not?

So they are going to use nitrogen gas and basically put the people into a room where it slowly suffocates and kills them. Keep in mind, they are the first state to get this approved so we really don’t know just how humane it may be yet (or inhumane, for that matter).

Now ALSO keep in mind, I don’t think prisoners should get fancy meals and pretty cells with different rooms, but putting a human being into an old school gas chamber is quite archaic and little brutal, and most of  Oklahoma is outraged and disgusted by this. By the way, this is considered human experimentation.

Helen Prejean is an anti-death penalty activist and she took to Twitter to let the world know how she feels about this Nitrogen gas situation:



We are not here to tell you we support this or we don’t, just doing our best to give you the news stories that matter (but this is a little twisted, real talk).


Remy Carreiro


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