Police Chief Shoots Three Students by Mistake While Teaching About Hand Gun Safety

Really, you literally just got the entire gist of this article in that simple title. It tells you all you need to know. In attempting to teach kids about the safety of guns, his gun “accidentally” discharged injuring THREE students. How he even pulled that off sounds more like an action movie or the Kennedy assassination (curving bullets?) than it does a class on how to handle a firearm.

Dennis Alexander was the name of the man who just pretty much ensured that teachers will NEVER be given the right  to carry guns because even trained professionals apparently cannot handle them. The most messed up part. It shot at the ceiling and bullet fragments shot down and bits of the bullet landed in one kid’s NECK!

No one died, mind you, but if this guy’s job was to make us all feel safer about guns and potentially arming teachers, he just pretty much took that movement back fifty steps with one bullet. I mean, NOTHING drives home the safety of guns than shooting thee kids by mistake in a classroom.

“How was school today honey?” Well, I got shot in the neck by Mr. Alexander but outside of that, come to find out, Egypt is a REALLY intriguing place!”

I can hear the lawsuits piling in already.

Western Mass News – WGGB/WSHM

Remy Carreiro


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