Cats Watch Toy Fish in Tub, One Falls In, Madness Ensues

Cats are a very intriguing and curious creatures. While they have been studied for years, science still admits it knows very little about cats. They date back to Egyptian times (where they were worshiped) and the general consensus about cats is THEY domesticated US and we are THEIR pets. Being a human pet to a cat myself, I can say all of this is true.

Now all that cat science aside, here is a video of a gaggle of cats (I chose to call a gathering of cats a gaggle, I hope you are okay with that) watching a toy fish in a tub, all with complete focus and determination.

Then one falls in.

Now I know you KNOW cats hate baths, they just do. They bathe themselves with their tongues and most felines do NOT like our HUMAN water, but this cat’s reaction might surprise you, it freaks a little bit but does so very rationally:

And to think, you freak out when you see a tiny spider. Maybe we could all learn a lesson about keeping our cool from this cat. When faced with great anxiety, this cat chose to just kind of accept it and chill. That PROVES they are more advanced than us. The cat just assesses and quickly fixes the problem.

Do that to a human baby it would probably die. That is exactly why I have a cat and and not a kid.


Remy Carreiro


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