SUV Attempts Hit and Run in Public and is Then Attacked By Man With Hammer (of JUSTICE)

This is one of those videos you watch and it makes you wonder where we are headed as a people. On one hand, it is really nice to see people react to this hit and run by trying to stop the driver who caused it and it driving away.

But in the same breath, someone randomly attacking that SUV with a hammer is pretty insane, too. But like the guy in the video said, I don’t think “Hammer time” was necessarily the right thing to do, perhaps just call the cops.

Regardless, it is nice to see humans spring to action and try to do the right thing (even if one of them uses a hammer):

It also makes you realize that more people are in inherently good than bad, as many people attempted to stop the hit and run driver. Granted, NONE were successful but the police apprehended the suspect further down the road and it does show we still have some humanity left in us humans after all.

Not sure about hammer guy, though. He seemed like he wanted blood.


Remy Carreiro


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