War Without End: Six Thousand Days Into A Pointless War That Still Wages On

In 2002, Donald Rumsfeld the then vice president of the United States said “I believe victory is closer than ever before” regarding the war in Afghanistan. Thing is, believe it or not, that was well over 6,000 days ago. We are literally six thousand days into a war that has, at this point, no real cause and no real end in sight.


A decade ago, seven years after the war began on Oct. 7, 2001, then-Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said the U.S. objective was the creation of a strong central government. When he was asked if Afghanistan had ever had one, he answered without hesitation: “No.” Which is still true.

It is a vague non-answer to a question posed over a decade ago. This war has changed nothing except made us into the bad guys for the millions witnessing it all the world over. A war based on the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Well, um, there haven’t been any more. Why are thousands of troops still fighting and deployed?

Why did Trump promise to “bring the troops home” yet has decided to keep them there?

To put it more in perspective:

If the U.S. objective is freedom there rather than security here, or if the theory is that the latter somehow depends on the former, the administration should clearly say so, and defend those propositions, or liquidate this undertaking that has, so far, cost about $1 trillion and 2,200 American lives.

Now if that doesn’t make you stop and wonder, something might be wrong with you (or you are TOO conditioned to see the truth). This is war for profit at the cost of American lives.

Remy Carreiro


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