10 Days TV Reporters Just Couldn’t Take It Anymore

Anderson Cooper rolls his eyes at Kellyanne Conway

Being a famous TV personality isn’t always a breeze.

Sometimes, you have to interview a difficult guest, you’re beset by technical glitches, or you can’t stand anymore of a certain someone’s lies. Reporters handle these problems in different ways, some better than others (like this guy you may recognize).

But some days, it all gets to be too much. Everyone has their tipping point, and the ten reporters presented below have surpassed theirs.

Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll Heard Around the World

Kellyanne Conway is the undisputed queen of B.S. Having introduced America to such memorable notions as “alternative facts” and the fictitious “Bowling Green Massacre,” she’s the bane of many a reporter’s existence. CNN’s usually unflappable Anderson Cooper proved he was just as human as the rest of us when he couldn’t hold back a hilarious eye roll at her latest inane statements during an on-air interview.

Brian Karem Claps Back At Sarah Sanders

If you’ve ever watched one, you know that Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ regular White House press briefings are exercises in madness. Like her colleague Kellyanne Conway, Sanders has an uncanny knack for deflecting and pivoting, turning reporters’ incriminating questions around and saying absolutely nothing of substance — while slipping in the occasional dig at the supposed “dishonest media.” After one particularly memorable rant about the media’s supposed lies, Playboy correspondent Brian Karem cracked. His outrage bubbling over, Karem finally said out loud what everyone else in the room had been thinking for months.

Don’t Push Kimberly Halkett

As reporters vie for position at the first Presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton, one woman won’t stop pushing those around her, trying to get closer to the candidates. After being warned to “please stop pushing” by a man, Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett finds herself on the receiving end of all that pushing too many times, and gets more to the point after losing out on a cushy spot.

Shepard Smith Throws Down

Say what you want about Fox News, they have at least one reporter who’s not willing to take Trump’s insults lying down. After the President accused veteran CNN reporter Jim Acosta of being “fake news,” Smith’s journalistic integrity reached its breaking point. (If Fox News is ready to call out Trump on his lies, things have descended to a new level of bad.)

Five months later, Smith went on the offensive again, this time calling Trump out on “lie after lie after lie.” You wear a little too much makeup, but here Shepard Smith, have some mad respect on us.

Joshua Short’s Worst Black Friday Ever

Chicago’s Joshua Short can’t even with his first on-location assignment: covering Black Friday crowds at a local mall — where there are zero people waiting in line. Complaining about having to get up at 3:00 AM, he becomes downright irate live on air, and eventually walks off camera in frustration. One wants to assume that some of Short’s aggravation is good-natured humor, but there’s some genuine anger in there, too.

Liz Wahl’s Live Resignation

When American journalist Liz Wahl was anchoring a Russian news program that was owned and controlled by Putin’s government, she decided enough of the egotistical leader’s control was enough. In what’s become a famous on-air moment, Wahl delivered a prepared statement on journalistic integrity and being a state-controlled puppet, and then promptly resigned from her job.

Doug Fernandez’ Very Bad Day

While trying to cut to taped footage on his live broadcast, reporter Doug Fernandez found himself in an all-too-familiar situation: a technical glitch prevented the footage from playing. He regrouped well at first, but when he went on to the next news story and there was another problem… Well, just see for yourself.

John Brown’s Line In the Sand

It was a beautiful Friday morning in Florida when morning show co-host John Brown was hit with a topic he couldn’t stomach: the latest on the Kardashians. Sick to death of presenting this family’s every tic on the show, Brown stood to his feet and marched off the set. He didn’t go far, though, as you can still hear him ranting about how “nobody cares!” while the intrepid entertainment reporter does her best to get through the segment. Some of Brown’s ranting was probably done for laughs, but you can’t fake disgust that’s this strong.

The Rise in Violent WHAT?

Since you’ve made it all the way through this list, here’s your reward. It’s the flat-out funniest reporter meltdown ever caught on camera. After a local man wouldn’t stop getting in her shot, this female reporter snapped. And I mean REALLY snapped. Just wait for it.

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