Edible Utensils are The Simplest, Best Idea EVER

I’m sorry to be so blunt about this, but these edible utensils you are about to see are so simple and so genius, it is kind of embarrassing when you realize how LONG it took humanity to figure that out and create them. We all eat OFF of utensils, but in the end, they take up a lot of room and disposable utensils don’t break down properly in landfills and are slowly killing the Earth. So of course, edible utensils are the perfect step to take. You eat the meal, then you eat the things you ate the meal with. It’s like a perfect crime.

But I know what you’re thinking: What are they made out of? Do they taste good? Are they healthy for you? Well, all those questions and more are answered in the following video:

Now someone just needs to make a plate out of a pancake and so I can officially eat the meal, the edible utensils, AND the plate the food came on. Now THAT would be really impressive.

Regardless, these things prove that the simplest concepts are really the most innovative and are often born from necessity. 


Remy Carreiro


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