Dear NRA, Please Watch: Dutch Students Band Together And Fight Off Knife Attacker

Now please make note of this.  All of the people who say school attacks won’t lessen if there are no more assault weapons for kids to get their hands on, watch this video. This man approaches a bunch of Dutch students with two knives drawn fully intending to take some of their lives, and what do they do?

They banded together and stopped the man by making his assault impossible. Were that an assault rifle in his hands, this video would be ending very differently and would be all but unwatchable.

Alas, these Dutch students had the bravery, courage, and apprently balls the size of cantaloupes and, well, you’ll see how well they handle it:

The attacker never stood a chance (and that is what happens when you go at ONE PERSON in numbers, people, we could all learn a lot from this video). At the ends of the day, real heroes DON’T wear capes, as you see here, and people who do not wield assault rifles do not take as many (or in this case, any) lives.

Now if you don’t mind, I am gonna go tweet this article to the N.R.A. Gotta love social media and proving idiots wrong on a public forum. That is using the platform PERFECTLY!




Remy Carreiro


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