Did You Know YouTube IS Going to End Someday?

YouTube is one of those websites that can be easy to take for granted, simply because people don’t often give credit for just how versatile it truly is. One minute you can be catching up on an old sitcom you loved as a kid and in the next minute, you could be learning how to change an oil filter in your car. It’s that versatility and library of material that keeps people coming back to YouTube, day after day, having it as an app on every piece of tech they own.

But have any of you considered the fact that YouTube WILL end one day? It may sound insane, but after you watch the following video you will have a better understanding of how the seemingly infinite YouTube is actually quite finite, sadly:

But take some comfort in knowing YouTube is not going extinct next week or anything. But it, like all good things, must one day come to an end. The day that happens I really have no idea how I am gonna get my fix of cheesy 80’s videos, though:

The day YouTube vanishes will be a very dark day in my home. A dark day, indeed.

*Shudders and has total eclipse of the heart


Remy Carreiro


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