Trump Brags About “Great Meeting With NRA” on Twitter Mere Hours Ago

“We won’t let liberals abolish the second amendment!” Trump boasted after announcing to social media that he had a good (scratch that, GREAT) meeting with the NRA last night. The weird part is, that is ALL HE SAID ABOUT IT.


And to follow that up with:


That kind of tells us everything we need to know about said meeting. Even though kids (and pretty much anyone who goes to a gun show in the might U.S of A) are getting their hands an automatic weapons and taking out giant masses of innocent people (many of whom are just children themselves), but he seems to not see that as a problem.

But some other people on Twitter sort of summed it up for the rational masses:




Someone’s gotta say it:


The truth can hurt, but not as much as assault weapons, Mr. President:


Now this one, that is just a BURN:


So as you can see, Trump’s GREAT MEETING with the NRA garnered some very honest and apprpos responses from some people who think this thing can be handled without any constitutional rights needing to be stripped from people.

That is the biggest problem here. People (NRA included) are only seeing in extremes. Guns do not need to be outlawed. We just need to make sure the right people get them, we need to be as thorough about that as possible on who gets them, and we need to straight up stop the ability for people who aren’t well to obtain assault rifles so easily. ESPECIALLY CHILDREN!

There, my two cents. Judging from Twitter’s response I am not alone in that feeling.


Remy Carreiro


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