The Ways Your Smartphone Is Programmed to Program You

Smartphones have changed the way we live our lives. Now we have a phone, computer, entertainment center, mailbox, and about 300 other things in our pockets, programmed and downloaded into our smartphones (and we know EVERYONE has one) but the funny thing is, for their prevalence, they have actually been programing us (even though we humans tend to think otherwise).

Smartphones are specifically designed with THREE THINGS to ensure it hooks and addicts its owner. You are nothing more than an algorithm that feeds the machine, and this proves it. Stop what you’re doing RIGHT NOW  and look around, what is in everyone’s hand (including yours and you read this?) A smartphone!

And here’s why:

Once you hear that and hear it put so plainly it really makes you stop and think. I consider myself and agent of free-will but when our technology is addicting us and distracting us from our real lives and genuine human interaction, at what point are we brave enough to admit as a whole that said technology is no longer beneficial?

Hold on, gonna tweet that from my smartphone real quick…DAMMIT!

The struggle IS real!


Remy Carreiro


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