Trump’s Political Advisor Falls Asleep at White House Meeting About School Shootings

Wow is all you can really say to this. There was a recent meeting at the White House about the major problem with school shootings and mass shootings in general in this country right now. You hear that and you think:

Maybe there is some hope after all. They ARE addressing the problem.


Then this information leaks that during said meeting about school shootings in the White House that Donald Trump’s senior policy advisor actually FELL ASLEEP ON FILM during this meeting, which really sums up how much the White House and the higher ups really feel about this situation.

Nothing. They feel nothing:


Kinda thing just has to make you feel safe in this country knowing that when something as important as school shootings are being discussed (as well as ways to prevent them) that some of the most important men in the country are napping through it.

God Bless America, the home of the free (to sleep whenever the f%&^ they want). Kinda gross, to be honest.


Remy Carreiro


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