The Worst and Most Unprofessional Looking Websites of All Time

As sad as it can seem to judge a book by its cover, that is just what we do as a society. Not just with things, but with other people as well. Its has been reported that people who are considered more physically attractive are allowed to ‘get away’ with more on a sociological standpoint than people deemed less than attractive. While this is a sad indictment of humanity, there is truth to it. No place is this more prevalent than the web. While there are many beautiful and well assembled sites exist to peruse, for every aesthetically pleasing site there seem to be 500 more ugly websites popping up every day. As cruel as it may seem, we decided to a make a list of the ugliest websites of all time simply for your amusement.

Here, presented in no particular order, the ugliest websites that WE’VE ever seen.

Space Jam Website

Some call this site the greatest site on the web (simply because it is a PERFECT time capsule back to the time it was launched, and NO ONE knows how or why it is still u and running, but it is), but there is definitely a simple and very web 1.0 visual style to it.

You cannot help but look at it and laugh. Funny to think that was cutting edge at one point in our timeline.



What is this abomination and assault on the eyes? That site seems to be about a woman who claims to be one of those “self-helpers” who looks like she’d charge you two hundred dollars to have hold some ‘magic crystals’ she bought at a yard sale for five bucks.

And the website, in comparison, looks like what having ADHD feels like. There are so many easy-to-use WordPress themes out there that basically set themselves up, it boggles the mind sites like this still exist!


Old Bible Ghost Tour

If you really want to see exactly what minimal coding expertise as well as terrible hosting service got you in the 90’s (and STILL), look no further than the Bible Ghost Tour page. It  is like putting on glasses from 1996 and ACTUALLY seeing 1996.

What is also really interesting is  rarely do you hear the word BIBLE placed next to GHOST TOURS. “And here, you will see the ghost of St. Peter, condemning those for their sins.” Huh? Bad site and really doesn’t sound like much fun.

But to each their own.



This is not so much a bad website as it is the kind of thing that triggers an immediate seizure in the epileptic. It has also become a cult page for many (like me) who visit it religiously to ENSURE it never changes.

Argen’s design is like someone said said:

“Can you make me a website that literally SCREAMS VIOLENTLY at the reader and assaults them visually?!”

Which is very strange to me considering there are many great website templates out there to choose from for anyone. Again, why anyone would not at least UPDATE their site to something more visually appealing is beyond me.



When the main page of the site you are visiting in 2018 has an homage to Princess Di (bless her soul), you probably just took a time machine back about 25 years via the internet. Thanks for the time travel, internet!

The fact that the site has bad clip art of actual fence links when he is mentioning links to other websites takes it from bad to awful really quickly.

‘Puntastic’ work at its laziest!


Serene Naturist


You go to open amid the terrible flash animations of butterflies and suddenly your download window opens up. Any true computer user knows that is NEVER a good thing. And I was just taught a great lesson by this.

Better keep stay off these ugly a** websites for a reason, people!

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Remy Carreiro


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