First National Banks Ends Working Relationship With NRA

It’s happening, people. That moment some of you feared IS happening, but it is happening because it has to. Slowly more and more people are turning away from the NRA, under the ideal that lately, guns have seemingly brought a lot of trouble to this planet then good when they end up in the wrong hands which we showed this week is VERY EASY to do.

Well, now you have the First National Bank, who issued NRA branded credit cards to members ending their long term business relations with the company due to the fallout that has come in the wake of the Florida shooting:

First National spokesman Kevin Langin said “customer feedback” caused the bank to review its dealings with the NRA. The bank is “not going to renew the contract” when it comes to co-branded NRA cards, Langin said. He wouldn’t say when the contract expired.

What this will do to the NRA remains to be seen, but seems more and more people and institutions are turning away from the organization, which is a fair response when a great many people have died as a result of guns purchased improperly due to negligence on the dealer’s end.

Is this all the NRA’s fault? No. But will they get some fallout for being thought of as “gun nuts” in a time when guns only seem to be bringing more death and destruction to  our world?


It’s called social ramifications and they exist for a reason.


Remy Carreiro


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