Highly Overlooked Social Media Websites

When it comes to social media businesses from all around the world understood the power behind Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The problem is that they also overlooked many other social media sites that can be incredibly good. Growing online footprints automatically means a lot of time and money is invested. Dealing with the competition of the really large social media networks is very hard without a budget. This is why smaller businesses are actually looking for other networks.

There are hundreds of other social media sites to consider. Some are better than others. No matter what business you run, from something in finances like instant payday loans direct lenders to something in entertainment, be sure that you consider these highly overlooked social media websites.

Slide Share

Launched in 2006, Slide Share is exactly what its name implies, a website allowing people to share slides. There are many unique features present as the presentations can reach a really wide audience. The regular posts are filled with humor but there are even tutorials that are uploaded in a slide share presentation format. Live slideshow presentations are now possible through the Zipcast feature and the network boasts around 60 million views every single month. Popularity is growing and is higher than ever, prompting LinkedIn to buy Slide Share in the year 2012.


Promoting something on this social news sharing site is not as easy as it may seem and it does take a lot of dedication but if you do it right, your business can be flooded with traffic. Reddit has over 170 visitors every single month and they organization of the website is impressive. There are currently 8,000 groups (referred to as subreddits) where people share information they learned ranging from science to politics.

Reddit does not look like all the regular social media networks we are used to so it ends up being overlooked in favor of Twitter or Facebook. Do remember there is a term used in content marketing known as “Reddit Effect”. This is when a site ends up receiving so much fast traffic from Reddit that it goes down. This is how powerful this network can be.


This business review site is so much more than meets the eye. It is also a very good social platform for marketing and networking. There are currently over 130 million users visiting the site every month and the content database is filled with reviews, business ratings, check-ins and more. Although it is still more important for the business to be listed in Google Maps, Yelp reviews are increasingly becoming very important for credibility.

Google Plus

Google’s attempt to launch a more professional social network did not go as planned but the network is still really strong and highly overlooked. Officially, this is the third most visited of all the social media platforms. The only ones with more traffic are Facebook and YouTube. With this in mind, it might be a really good idea to consider a Google Plus presence, especially since there are numerous ways to connect it with your already existing Google account.


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