This WILL Make Your Day: A Baby and a Goat Having A Discussion

There is a surreal bond between humans and animals and no one can quite explain. A bond that transcends titles and the food chain. Take for example this very simple video of a “conversation” between a human baby (pretty sure I can just call it a baby, but whatever) and a baby goat. We know they’re not saying anything.


Perhaps to us it’s just cute to see, but to them there was a full bore discussion about what it’s like being a baby human and a baby goat. The sad reality is, we will NEVER know! But we get so much bad news online it is nice to mix some babies and animals into it now and then to keep it all pure:

Honestly though, I just really wanna know what they’re talking about. I can’t seem to let that go. The conversation just seems so genuine. Heck, us HUMANS hardly do that anymore, let alone a human and a goat!


Remy Carreiro


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