Shocking Video Shows How Easy It Is For a Kid To Obtain A Gun

I will warn you, in the wake of the Florida shootings, this is a tough video to see, but it is one that NEEDS to be seen by ALL. We see a kid get turned away for trying to buy cigarettes, scratch tickets, and booze. “He looks like he’s 12” they remark.

Mere moments later, from a private dealer, we see the same kid purchase a gun, a 22. rifle no less, with little to no effort or problems from the seller. This is DAYS AFTER a massive school shooting.

If this isn’t a wake up call to some of you about the gun problem in this country, than truly, nothing will be:

So there you have it. Take genuine discomfort in knowing there is some kid REALLY buying an illegal gun RIGHT NOW with the intent of shooting up his school in the next month or two, and as a country, we are doing very little to prevent that, as demonstrated here.

Welcome to Trumperica, people. Where kids can’t buy smokes or booze or scratch tickets, but they sure as hell can buy a gun to potentially shoot up your kid’s school!



Remy Carreiro


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