Looks Like Gun Laws May Actually Be Changing in Wake of Florida Shooting

There seem to be only two sides of the big gun debate in this country right now. On one side you have people screaming NO MORE GUNS and on the other side you have the people with guns who have done nothing wrong, genuinely upset they may be getting reprimanded for something they had no part in.

It is a tough time for us, and that is reflecting itself everywhere you look, especially Florida in the wake of what happened recently, which was directly correlated to how easy it was for someone to get their hands on an assault rifle:

Well, some news has been made that some of you will like, and some of you won’t, and hopefully you are all intelligent enough to know that is how real news works.

Looks like President Trump is going to be backing more thorough background checks on potential gun buyers in the future.

While this may not stop the problem immediately, it is a step in a direction that needs to be taken. But there are other things we need to take into account here, too.

When bearing arms is a constitutional right, taking that same right away can have some damning ramifications. But on the other side, the FACT IS, if these things were not openly available, these shootings wouldn’t be happening. Thus why the debate is SO heated.

And I live in a state where you need a license to have a B.B gun so I am feel we are pretty safe, but I am sure I am not the first person to have said that moments before being shot by some lunatic in public. Here’s hoping we may be one step closer to putting an end to this ugly epidemic.

Remy Carreiro


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