Man Makes Epic Video Cover Letter in Attempt to Land Job With Sprite

sprite resume

You will hear the word epic overused on the internet a LOT these days. Someone catching a frisbee behind their back? Epic. Man pets cat that hisses? Epic. But this cover letter one man made to go along with his resume he sent to Sprite for a job with the brand redefines epic in the sense of what this guy did to try and land this gig.

Sprite, you would be insane not to hire someone so damn creative, honestly:

Honestly, not to take a shot at Sprite or anything, as far as carbonated beverages filled with fake poisonous sugar substitutes meant to emulate fruit flavors goes, it does a acceptable job at what it seeks out to accomplish. But honestly, I can’t recall Sprite ever even doing something THIS cool, and they haven’t even hired the guy (yet).

Sprite, get on this sh*t, stat! Dude is obviously ambitious. Snatch him up before a smarter brand than you does. I mean really, this is the first ever cover letter in history that went VIRAL.

That kind of says it all.


Remy Carreiro


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