The “North Korean Cheer Squad” Is….Something You Just Gotta See

North Korean cheer squad are already haunting my dreams. Cannot unsee. Sorry, getting ahead of myself. 

Um, so of course there are international sections of seatings at the winter olympics, broken down into regions. In other words, you sit with the same people as the country you are from (usually) and cheer on said country accordingly.

Normally, this is done with random cheers and huzzahs, but something the internet dubbed “The North Korean Cheer Squad” who cheer for North Korea in the winter olympics is a sight to behold, truly:


They are so well choreographed and trained they almost seem like robots, and people’s reactions online have been quite befitting of how you may feel now having seen them yourself:


Yup, sounds about right?


Can’t argue that logic.


That one wins.

And while yes, it could be said their team spirit is exceptional (except for the one guy who looks like he is dead inside), a quick study on how North Korea functions hints at something much darker than how sweet this all may appear, honestly.

But huzzah I guess? I mean, it LOOKS nice, I won’t deny it that.


Remy Carreiro


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