Trump Says “Canada Doesn’t Treat Us Right”, All of Canada Laughs

Finding Trump stories online is like fishing in a barrel (that just happens to be full of fish who wanna die). It is like they FALL in my lap and I don’t even have to look. Rather than fluff this up with such and such facts, just gonna jump right to the proverbial money shot.

Donald Trump thinks Canada doesn’t treat America properly. Yes, that is not a misprint you just read, he actually thinks that and shared it out loud. You know, Cananda, the place we all wanna move now that Trump is president. Yeah, he is SO SAD BECAUSE THEY ARE MEAN TO HIM ON THE PLAYGROUND!

And I quote:

“We lose a lot of money with Canada. Canada does not treat us right in terms of the farming and the crossing the borders,”

And there you have it. Now that he realizes he cannot build his ANTI-IMMIGRANT law he is gonna pick on the nicest people in the world.

He followed that quote up with a threat, because, you know, that is how we live now:

“So they’ll either treat us right or we’ll just have to do business a little bit diff… really differently. We cannot continue to be taken advantage of by other countries.”

Hold on while I laugh for infinity at the idea of Canada taking “advantage of us and how our president is making the ENTIRE EARTH fall in hate with us.

Here Donald, let me help you spread your gross and ill-thought out anti-Canada propaganda:

Dear Donald Trump, Canada hates us now and won’t let us in because of YOU, Trump. Because of YOU! Don’t you get it, you are the cause of everything you rally against. You are rallying against your own existence. It is the Donald Trump Paradox.

Someone get J.J Abrams on the line, quick.


Remy Carreiro


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