YouTube FINALLY Cuts Off Logan Paul’s Revenue Stream

If you are not familiar with the name Logan Paul, I am jealous of you. Essentially, imagine the worst possible male role model for young kids right now, and then make him as famous as possible for that exact demographic and you have Logan Paul.

A man-boy who makes a living off of being obnoxious and ruining people’s lives. And the worst part is, he has amassed a massive following of very young children who should NOT be looking up to his behavior whatsoever, but do regardless.

Well, after much hype and fallout from Logan Paul recently showing a video featuring a victim of suicide on his YouTube page to a bunch of young kids (8000 of which “LIKED” the video), his backlash finally reached maximum peak.

Though much of his antics have been leading to this anyway:

Finally, after so many people showed disdain for said action (and his overall attitude and demeanor in general), YouTube had the courage to pull his revenue stream (in other words, he was making a great deal of money from essentially showing kids a snuff film) and being wickedly rude and boorish, with very little actual talent or sense of humor to back it up.

Now, he is officially kind of screwed, because doing terrible things for attention and money was how he thrived and made a living, and now that his true self has been exposed as vile, who will want to work with and or for this kid?

No one.

And heck, based on his neighbors alone, he may literally be impossible to like:

So good job, YouTube. Hold people like this accountable so they do not contribute further to the impending and inevitable decline of the western civilization.

When idiots become superstars solely for being idiots, the end is nigh, real talk.


Remy Carreiro


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