Why You Should Eat Bath Bombs Instead of Tide Pods (Satire)

Please note, you should NOT eat bath bombs OR Tide pods, just to make this satire video more obvious to those who may take the title literally.

One YouTuber is simply pointing out in the insanity of the Tide Pod challenge and how, if you WERE gonna pick a poisonous bathroom item to eat, why would you pick Pods over bath bombs when bath bombs look SO DAMN DELICIOUS?


It’s actually just refreshing to see a young person who has his head on his shoulders the right way and knows that people who eat poison aren’t very bright, so he is poking fun.

And to his credit, he does admit he is kidding, but he makes a very solid point, too. A few of those bath bombs by Lush looked like ice cream treats.


Remy Carreiro


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