Donald Trump’s Hair Becomes Sentient and Tries To Escape


AND  OH MY GOD. Hide your kids and hide your wife! This hair is pure nightmare fuel.

I mean, I understand I am supposed to stay unbiased as a journalist, but that hair looks like a flying squirrel randomly came to life on his head and is trying with utter desperation to fly away, yet his skull won’t allow it.

It looks like the Kennedy assassination footage, yet he keeps walking.

God, I cannot unsee this. It’s like his head is an orange unpeeling ITSELF.

The horror, the horror:

I have LITERALLY seen horror movies that have less freaky endings than that video. Why does this man NOT wear a fedora at least? I mean, I know they can be cheesy but at least they aren’t SENTIENT!

The only thing I keep thinking when I see this footage is…

No wonder so many of his choices are questionable. He has a second face on the back of his head forcing him to do evil deeds.


Some of his decisions makes more sense now, at least. He is a hybrid, like some kind of Cheetoh colored Pokemon. Trumpizard it is!


Remy Carreiro


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