The Stunning Drone Footage at 60FPS Will Leave You Breathless (and Nauseous)

Drone footage is almost always mesmerizing. But when a drone is flying at top speed and still capturing perfect imagery in HD it is something truly stunning, as you are about to see.

One thing to keep an eye out for (which is circled in lead-in picture for this article) is the fact that, at one point, this drone swoops by a mountain that inexplicably has a really old and stunning looking crucifix atop it’s crest. Looks like something out of the game Skyrim, real talk! Perhaps some brave traveler was lost there?

Truth is, we will never know, but this footage this drone takes at such speed and clarity is breathtaking:

This is also why I always watch my YouTube videos with a barf bag nearby, just in case.


Remy Carreiro


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