The Technology Behind the Famous ‘Drinking Bird’ Is Brilliant

Since forever, there has been this little “toy” (not sure what else to call it) called the drinking bird who, wait for it, drinks (yet not really, it just kind of bobs back and forth giving the illusion of drinking). We ALL have seen one at some point, attached to the edge of a glass, bobbing its beak back and forth as if it were liberally helping itself to our drink of choice.

Whilst I had always assumed it was balanced in such a way that kept it teetering (Newton’s Law, y’all), come to find out, the liquid is the most essential ingredient to keep drinking bird, well, for lack of a better word, drinking.

Check out the technology behind this timeless toy here:

See, so just like you, the bird NEEDS the drink to survive (and get through it’s crappy day).


Remy Carreiro


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