Reddit Points Out How Ridiculous (and Dangerous) Tide Pod Challenge Is

As many of you have heard over the last month(s) or so, apparently teens are eating Tide Pods (laundry detergent) as some insane, new, ‘TEEN internet challenge’. But here’s the kicker, that stuff is not meant to be eaten and is poisonous. So not only are kids the STUPIDEST they have ever been in society, but they are killing themselves with poison to get Instagram and Facebook likes. If you don’t see something wrong with this, I pray for both you and your proverbial or literal children.

But you know who DOES see the ridiculousness of it? Reddit, and now they have a whole thread dedicated to “Forbidden Snacks“, i.e. things that look pretty but will kill you if you eat them, kinda like the Tide Pod challenge.

Here are just a few examples and what your stupid kids could be eating next:

MMM, more tasty looking soap:

And who could forget those yummy nuclear balls Nic Cage retrieved in The Rock:

What about this tasty looking bouncy ball? Mmmm, watermelon:

Of course, there is literal rock candy, because kids love that stuff:

And what kid in their right mind could pass up on this DELICIOUS looking candle:

Oh yeah, you KNOW there are some forbidden drinks up in here, too:

Lastly, the winner. The Tide Pod pizza pie, for those of you who want to be poisoned with at least THREE other people at the same time? Because who wants to hospitalized alone:

So maybe, just maybe, sit down with your children and let them know that if they choose to poison themselves for internet ‘likes’, you will have to have them locked away in a room with padded walls for their OWN protection (and potentially ours as well cuz you know what they say: All kids who eat Tide Pods grow up to be serial killers!)

Hey, someone had to say it at one point, right? Might as well be me.


Remy Carreiro


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