Japanese Women Pay To Have Handsome Man Make Them Cry Then Wipe Their Tears

me sew sad

Okay, I am officially done with the earth. This planet has gotten too f*****g weird for me, and you are talking to a grown man with a mohawk and an eye patch on. I am just gonna cut all the filler and get right to the crazy, which the title of this article already gave away.

Japanese women are now paying to have ‘handsome men’ make them cry and then console them when they weep. They literally go and PAY to be insulted by hunks and then have same said hunks wipe their years away and sing them songs and crap like that. And yes, this is real, somehow.

What the WHAT?!!!

This is easily the weirdest form of prostitution I have ever heard of. God bless the Japanese, between this and the licking doorknob trend, they have made ‘being eccentric’ into an art form:

Hey, listen people, hit me up over here and over here. I will insult the crap out of you (you really ARE a failure, we BOTH know this) and then I’ll wipe your tears and sing you some tender, acoustic jams for roughly two hundred bucks. That’s a steal if you ask me!

Forget what I said earlier about this not being my planet. This is SO my planet!



Remy Carreiro


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