Life Hacks: The Easiest Way To Tie a Tie You Will Ever See

One of the worst things about being a man is tying a tie. I am dead serious. You have to do it at the most inconvenient times (before meetings and funerals and heavy, serious crap like that) and if you wait until the last minute to tie your tie, you may end up walking in late and looking like a total jagoff, and no one wants that.

But the following video shows you an incredibly quick and ingenious way to tie and tie, and henceforth, all men will be grateful to have seen and adapted said tying method:

I am actually really lucky because I own one of those t-shirts that have a tie drawn right ON IT, so I don’t even have to waste any time, but I also am a grown man who drinks out of juice boxes so I might not be the best person to get life advice from.

Wow, THAT was life advice! Who knew I had it in me the whole time??


Remy Carreiro


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