Would You Eat This ‘The Simpsons’ Grilled Crayon Sandwich?

The guys over at GoodMythicalMorning are insane but I  mean that in the best way possible. They took all the tropes of regular morning TV shows and flipped them on their head for their YouTube channel, and the end result has been much well-deserved notoriety as a result of their often hilarious shenanigans. Just watching what they eat alone can be both terrifying and mesmerizing.

One of the things they do is take fictional food created on TV shows and in movies and attempt to both make and eat (at least a LITTLE) bit of their creations for the entertainment of the masses. As you are about to see for yourself, it does end up being incredibly entertaining, oddly enough.

Impractical way to make a sandwich? Yes. Funny as hell to watch? Also yes:

Not sure how I feel about the sandwich itself, but man, the guys are a blast to watch. They are like the adult version of that one kid from your grade school who would eat dirt to make other kids laugh.

(Video Also Featuring the Culinary Stylings of Binging With Babish)

Remy Carreiro


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