Cringefest: LG’s New Robot Voice Assistant Fails Spectacularly at CES

I know I am cruel and a little evil because I genuinely like videos like this. Where overly confident people brag about their new technology only for it to fail miserably and make said person look like an asshat. In this case, one LG PR guy had a helluva time getting his new “robot assistant” A.I to even respond to him. 3 fails in a row is when you hit “cringefest” territory.

“Even robots have bad days” coming out of his face hole only makes it worse. No, the robot isn’t having a bad day. You guys launched your tech when it wasn’t finished. There is a HUGE difference, and YOU paid price by looking like a fool in public:


Suggestion to ALL tech companies. Do not roll out a demo of your new tech until you have actually finished it and it works, or else you ending up looking like this dude, which is to say, shamed into a corner for the rest of his life.

And on some real talk, how lonely or dumb do you have to be to want a talking refrigerator or talking washing machine? Jesus, if making stuff talk is a sign of future tech, I am jumping out of a window right now (and this guy should come with).


Remy Carreiro


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