You Will Never Get In Ocean Again After Seeing This Video

I am sorry to have back-to-back shark stories, but it is a BIG week for sharks (for some odd reason, and it’s not even shark week!) But I believe most of us can agree the ocean is officially terrifying in every way, shape, and form, and if you have any fears of it or sharks, the following video will not help that in any way.

The one thing I can say, the kid is lucky as hell the water was clear. Most American beaches do not have water that clear, and the oceans around Cape Cod (where I live nearby) would be a perfect feeding ground for sharks if more of them knew it.

Thank god we don’t get TOO many sharks, but FOUR at once? Must reiterate, this kid is both lucky and unlucky at once:

Unlucky because FOUR SHARKS almost ate him up, yet lucky because he made it out, miraculously. Yup, cements it. No more ocean for this guy.

*Points at self.

(Sidenote: could totally be basking sharks which is no big deal, but better to be safe than shark food!)


Remy Carreiro


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