How This Man Uses Amazon Prime Now Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

It is rare these days to see a video that restores your faith in humanity, but that is just what you are about to see. One man who became very familiar with the Amazon Prime Now delivery service (same day, sometimes within same hour) wondered if the delivery service could TRULY be used for genuine, altruistic good.

Spoiler alert: it can.

Come to find out, Amazon Prime Now delivery people are apprently as awesome as the guy who did the social experiment is:

Just to see some of these people’s genuine mirth and joy from getting simple things like socks and long johns makes you realize that, one, you are probably more blessed than you think you are, and two, you (and I) need to do more good  in this world.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am gonna go order a homeless person some socks, like, legit, right now. Shoutout to YouTuber Rob Bliss for the inspiration and shoutout to Amazon for being legit as hell!

Remy Carreiro


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