Insane Hiker Walks To Edge of Erupting Volcano To Catch Video

So what insane, life-threatening thing did YOU post to social media today? I only ask because someone recently posted a video of themselves hiking up Bali’s Mount Agung, an active volcano which has been erupting now for months, on and off with no consistent pattern.

Talk about “desperate for LIKES.”

When you are risking your own life in hopes that you post goes viral (which this one clearly did) something might be off in your list of life priorities. Just keeping it real, peep this madness for yourself and tell me I’m wrong:

Well, the person lived, so good on them, but man, “died getting video for social media” would have looked really crappy on a headstone, as impressive as the end result may be.

It is amazing to see nature’s power this closely, though.


Remy Carreiro


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