Concerned Person Calls 9-1-1 on Statue They Think is Real Person

This is a heart-warming AND funny story, so really, anyone investing their time in reading this wins. A person saw someone on a park bench in really cold weather, covered in snow, and they thought it might be a person frozen to death so they called 9-1-1.

On a statue.

Yes, as wonderful as it to know someone was concerned for someone they didn’t know, 9-1-1 showed up at the spot almost immediately and were, in a word, relieved to find a statue, as you can see from the Twitter staus below from one of the emergency responders:


I will say this: It is a nice story to read right around Christmas, because it does remind us that concept of the “kindness of strangers” still exists.

And as silly as the caller must have felt when they found out it was a statue, at least their heart was in the right place when they called.

That, alone, says so much.

Via and Twitter

Remy Carreiro


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