Mobile Homes 2.0: A Peek at Some Very Cool Nomadic Homes

By definition, a nomadic home is “a vehicle or vessel that is used both to wander or move constantly, while also serving as a restful or congenial dwelling place.” So a more hipster way of saying a “mobile home”, but don’t make the mistake of picturing trailers here. These nomadic homes featured below are the farthest thing from them.

Much like micro-houses and foldable abodes (which we focused on recently), nomadic homes are cheaper than the regular alternative, and they also have the bonus being able to up and move at any time.

Taschen recently collected some of the most impressive and beautiful nomadic homes in a new book called We Are All Nomads (which you can buy here).

Some are just plain stunning.

Some seem really basic, but familiar and incredibly inviting.

Heck, who am I kidding, most of these look a lot cooler than my apartment.

And some are just kind of “WOW.” Looks like it’s straight out of the Fallout game series.

Just goes to show you, the mobile home no longer means you live in a trailer park (not that there is anything wrong with that, B-Rabbit).

Heck, now it can mean you live somewhere a lot cooler than most of the folks around you, and you can pack it up and move it wherever you want, whenever you want. Even the most stoic and grounded of us can still find the genuine allure in that.

Pick up the book, it may change your life (and journey, as well as your destination)!


Remy Carreiro


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