L.A City Council Trolled by Genius “Bro” Fighting for Right to Party

If I were to say I have a new personal hero, it would be Chad Kroeger, but do not mistake it with the lead singer of the abysmal band, Nickelback, who has the same name. No, this Chad Kroeger (new BRO king of the world) showed up at a recent L.A. City Council meeting to literally fight for his right to party.

Digg and a lot of other sites cannot seem to tell if it is real or an expert trolling, but it IS an expert level trolling, and it is all in the names he uses. Chad Kroeger, as mentioned, is the BRO who leads Nickelback, and that is but one example.

Boomer Kinsley? Come on, whoever this kid is, he is genius, to the point where people at the meeting are literally laughing out loud at his mastery of trolling and just how BRO-TASTIC his whole vibe is:


All I have to say is, as a house party enthusiast myself, he is within his right to shotgun mad beers with his fellow bros at house parties in the Hollywood Hills. To take that from Chad would be the true death of the American dream, right before our eyes.

*Raises Pabst Blue Ribbon to “Chad” and shotguns it to my FACEHOLE!


Remy Carreiro


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